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40 South Route 9W
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Friends Together BowlingHi Tor Lanes Tournaments
We offer tournaments year round for families, individual and mixed competition. Our tournaments are always fun and competitive. Register for a Tournament today. Email Joe Ardiri at hitorlanes@optonline.net or Call us at 845-429-8000


Printable Tournament Season Schedule - Coming soon
Tournaments in October and November


  • Rockland County 280 Tournament - February 21, 2016 @ 1pm 


Tournament Information:
There will be optional pots, brackets and Eliminators available for Most Tournaments

Tournament Rules to Make Note of:

****Please keep in mind; averages are taken from last season’s highest verifiable book average unless the current seasons average of 18 or more games is 10 pins more or higher. The tournament directors will go back 3 years for an average and may re-rate any bowler in the tournament. Bowlers who are re-rated will be notified before the start of the tournament. Anyone knowingly falsifying his/hers average will forfeit any right to any award offered in this tournament. Tournament Directors shall reserve all rights concerning the conduct of the tournament; its results and rulings. All averages on cashed entries will be double checked before paid out.