Ding junhui against 90 black players after Wilson, ding junhui, higher comprehensive ability to win should be fine. Due to ding junhui in the area have no foe, he has come to be seen as one of the favourites.

Ding junhui is fight depressed state, 8 times last season round of embarrassment, the decay, new season 6 red balls, all out to race in Shanghai. The first round of the single pole broken hundred 5-1 rout, 44, mike manus, second round 4 pole 50 + to 5-4 victory over Ryan wearing their fiercest rivals. In his not participating, selby hasten, Robertson, murphy, the higgins outs, and the next potential rivals bingham, groom, Williams can only meet in the finals, he has been listed in the top favourites.

Wilson is ding wholesale jerseys from china junhui quarter-final opponent, this is not to beat ding junhui in the China open has this year that Wilson, but after a 90 rookie Wilson, even before he is easily eliminated perry and holt. When the world's highest ranked Wilson is 43, however, are usually only large ladders before scoring the first or second round, has created a wholesale jerseys china career best and for the last eight.

Ding junhui with Wilson had all three players battle, in 2011 with a 4-2 win PTC2, UKPTC4 to 4-0 victory over 2012, 2013 German qualifier with 5-2 triumph, both tactics and record in the past, ding junhui has the absolute advantage.

Although ding junhui is still there will be a mistake now, still china wholesale jerseys cosco Taiwan into a bag rate is low, but the solid basic skills, rigorous style, can still be in an impregnable position. Most important of all, Wilson's cue ball go far inferior to ding junhui, he can rely on the hot feel go well, but wholesale jerseys usa can't get always feel hot. And ding junhui is not rely on players feel to have a meal, the excellent performance is driven by exquisite technology.

There is an interesting phenomenon, it's awful ding junhui when easy to swim round, second round to swim, but when he had hit the third round,, it is not so good beat. Besides Wilson now wholesale jerseys is a spent force, the comprehensive ability is ding wholesale jerseys free shipping junhui sent a lot, so if you want to wholesale jerseys online shock ding junhui, it is almost impossible.

In addition, the prospective groom tome and gold god left upon the death of Williams also noteworthy, groom tome is most accurate man earth now, Williams is most accurate once the earth man, the open play fight small ShengMian larger. World champion bingham against glasses man gould, bingham offensive and defensive comprehensiveness. And Allen and mark - Davis, if Allen firing again, should be promoted difficulty is not great.

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